1. Markhz

    laptop refuses to sleep, always restarts on lid close

    Hello, I've recently been having trouble with my laptop (Asus model Q302LA) shutting down when the lid is closed (or restarting when it is opened?) rather than sleeping. I have gone into sleep settings and Power Button settings, and everything is set to "Sleep". In Advanced Power Settings, I've...
  2. A

    Computer Restarts When Hibernated

    I have bought a perfectly fine Dell Inspiron 13 5379 in November 2017 and I have Windows 10 on it.. It worked really fine as expected until last month.. I have set my default power button option to hibernate and whenever I wanna shut down I always use the hibernate option.. But the laptop...
  3. R

    Laptop won't turn on after being hibernated

    Hi, I have a fujitsu lifebook a531 with windows 10 (got the free upgrade offer) and saw that the hibernation option was blurred out in power options so I've decided to turn it on following the steps here, made it hibernate and now it won't turn on at all! I should note that the laptop has no...
  4. C

    Hibernation error in Windows 7

    Hi everyone, I have a Windows 7 computer, its processor is Pentium 4 (non-branded). Before I had windows xp installed, until I had the C: drive formatted and Win 7 insalled. When I was using Win XP, the computer would hibernate without any issues, and the monitor, HP would indicate the...
  5. P

    Solved Windows 7 Update Disabled Sleep, Hibernate, and maybe Fn Key

    The newest Windows 7 Update to my computer has disabled Sleep and Hibernate, and the Fn key apparently stopped working too. I don't know the Update KB #s of the updates, but it was one generic "security update" 32something, and a malicious software removal tool. Previously I had my computer...
  6. E

    problem with VGAsave and hibernation

    Hi guys, I can't active hibernate key in my lenovo laptop supported by win7. the error is about VGAsave. I reinstalled graphic card several times but didn't get any answer. Details of my system is as bellow. In advance I thank you for your support Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version...