1. C

    Sleep Button Options Missing in Advanced Power Options..

    So I have a keyboard with a fully functional and fully working Sleep Button on it when I press the Sleep Button it will put my Computer to Sleep. However in the latest versions of Windows 10 they have completely removed the Sleep Button Options from the Advanced Power Options as well as the...
  2. A

    Windows 7 stuck in hibernation

    Dell Inspiron N5110 Windows 7 Suddenly, when I attempted to turn on my laptop, it begins to boot, but only gets as far as the Windows screen (states version at the bottom, etc), but goes no further. We attempted to use an external boot disc, but could not and got an error message that Windows...
  3. rbx999

    BSOD after waking up from sleep or hibernation

    Hello guys, anyone knows the solution ? Mostly it says IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL or something like that. also KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE
  4. P

    Solved Can't Hibernate

    Hello, For a few weeks now, I have been unable to hibernate my laptop, almost every time I try. There's no error message. Almost always, when I click Hibernate, the monitor goes black for a few seconds (turns off, I think; sometimes I can tell that the hue of black changes briefly to a...
  5. A

    Computer Restarts on Sleep and Hibernate. Win 10

    My computer recently just stopped waking up from sleep/hibernate and restarts the computer. I have tried these things (in this order). I don't want to clean install all over again unless I have to and I really want to know what is causing the problem. When I press the button to turn the...
  6. jonow

    Solved Windows 10 slow to shutdown and sleep

    I am having trouble with my laptop running Windows 10. I have an SSD so the computer takes only a few seconds to start up; however, shutting down or going to sleep can take 5 or more minutes. What is odd, hibernation is almost instantaneous. This issue has been going on since I first did a...