high sierra

  1. Kferguson319

    Wanna cry files found

    I had a question about whether it's possible on a VPN and while I'm hardwired into my modem and had a dialer hooked up to my home phone to the mac...if someone could create a clone of what would appear to be just another one of my computers running on my home network if I had it running online...
  2. M

    MacOS High Sierra won't connect to Wi-Fi

    I repaired my 2015 MacBook Air and when I got it I found out it had OSX Yosemetie 10.10. So I upgraded to High Sierra 10.13. Problem is when I updated it the Wi-Fi would not connect. When I revert to 10.10 using a recovery image it works fine. Basically the Wi-Fi only works when its running the...
  3. N

    Cannot update OSX 10.8.5 to Mac OS High Sierra

    Hello all, i'm new to the group and hope you all can help me.. I have scoured the web after many failed attempts at installing macOS High Sierra. I've done this on all of my other computers except my late 2012 iMac... First let me describe the issue, last week I decided to update this beast of...
  4. T

    Harddrive backup

    I'm working on a file management and back up project. I have two very large drives, we can call them A & B for the purposes of this thread, with thousands of images and video. Both A & B have the same images for the most part, but A has some that B doesn't and vice versa. I'm working on file...
  5. minimustangs

    Solved VPN (L2TP) on Apple computers

    I need a Mac or VPN network guru. We are upgrading the VPN router at a medical office (because the current router does not support the protocol required for medical installations). Telus has advised our client, and us, to provide a TP-Link/VPN capable router. Which we have (TP-LINK TL-ER6020)...
  6. J

    I have 3 unwanted "Untitled" Partitions that I can't delete!

    I was trying to use the Bootcamp Assistant and after a few tries I made a fresh install of High Sierra. I now have noticed in DU (Disk Utility) that under "Internal" I have "Macintosh HD", then beneath that I have 3 greyed out "Untitled". They're not slightly to the right but aligned with...