1. K

    Disk at 98-100% usage at all times, what should I do?

    I’ve recently noticed my pc has slowed down and saw in task manager when nothing is open, the disk usage is low. But as soon as I go to use an application like Steam, IE, downloading, or installing anything my usage goes up to 98-100% on my Disk and can’t run my games. Nothing in particular is...
  2. JustDevilz

    [Audio Problem] AsRock 970 Pro3 R2.0 Motherboard No Output

    Morning, Evening, Afternoon. Who ever reads this, I've got a problem "obviously" I just got my hands onto a New Computer something around a Week Ago, it's meeting all my standarts for the Price. But My problem is that it seemingly doesn't output any sound. The Motherboard comes with the Realtek...
  3. T

    Windows 10 uses 99% RAM

    My computer is using so much RAM it is sluggish to the point I have to manually restart it. I have done some things to try and fix it I got a command prompt and did a SFC and DSIM check following the instructions below...
  4. C

    PC Lag - High Ram Use - Windows 7 ?

    Hi, I hope somebody could advise. Recently my sisters PC has started to really lag (within a matter of days). It is only 1-2 years old, not the highest spec but enough for what she uses it for. Running Windows 7, AMD 3.4GHz processor, 4GB ram etc. Basically opening any programs such as...
  5. P

    High (Fluctulating ping) on wired connection

    Okay, I don't understand why or how but I get 30-1000ms on the closes servers to me on my games. I am running on a powerline but for some reason I get exactly the same amount of ping as wireless. But speedtest says my ping is great for some reason. I even changed the testing server all the way...