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    Cannot remove yellow colour

    Hey guys, I downloaded a free template from internet, because it looked nice and want to work further on it. However behind every letter, there is a yellow colour and I can't find any way to remove it. I tried the text colour, text highlight colour and nothing is working for me. Also I tried...
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    New Selecting everything to the right

    If I click on the url to type I can't it highlights the fav tab straight away, does not open on but just keeps jumping to it, when I watch films and my pc and I click in the middle of the screen you can see all the taps it has in the media player highlight all the way to the right again. My pc...
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    Solved LibreOffice Writer can't change highlighting color

    I highlighted some text in my Writer document and saved the document. I now think the highlighting is too dark. I have tried to change the highlighting to a lighter color several times and it would change. I then saved it and closed it. I've gone through this process several times, but every...