1. S

    New SafeSearch.ch malware is unable to be removed

    I opened up chrome today on my mac and my homepage had been changed to safesearch, ive had this problem before after downloading something sketchy, and was confident in my ability to remove it. I scanned my computer with malwarebytes and followed the instructions after a quick google search. I...
  2. G

    Hacked laptop?

    The other day I was checking through my laptop history and found several websites that I never visited, most of them along the lines of the NSCC website (a Nashville community college I have never been to nor applied) and loan websites for that college that I never used. I did go to Belmont, a...
  3. O

    how do i get a password from session cookies, or whatever?

    long-story-short: wifi network in my apartment is down for 24-36hrs, i go to library this morning, download movies from amazon & studied, get up to get drink from water fountain & ask girl to watch laptop 4 me, she doesn't, 30 seconds later i come back and it's gone, look around then report it...
  4. D

    New Can't get rid of Startgo123 browser hijacker

    Hi, For the past few days startgo123.com has been hijacking google chrome every time i open a new tab. I feel like i've tried everything to remove it, including changing chrome settings, resetting chrome, running scans with avast, AVG, malwarebytes, JRT and ADWcleaner, as well as manually...
  5. Jjohn00

    Solved Google chrome keeps opening by itself with ads

    So I downloaded a torrent a while ago (stupid idea) which turned out to be a virus. I ran like three different scanners and got rid of most. Now all that's left are 2 problems.. what I mentioned above: Google chrome opens automatically interrupting any other apps or programs im on or working...
  6. A

    Solved Browsers Replicate by Themselves Displaying Ads

    Malware appears to have hijacked my browsers when I click on links within the windows. Your help would be appreciated. On opening browsers they open normally then when links are clicked, pop-unders load and take over the tab and open new tabs. Warning pop-ups display on the screen and they...