1. Erater

    Need Help For a Home Media Server Setup

    Hi everyone, I am trying to setup a home media server at my parents home as a christmas gift. It should be able to share 4K movies on their local network, centralize and secure all their works as well as letting them access those files when not at home. Here's my "DIY NAS' server build : -...
  2. crcook84

    Smart Home Phone

    With all the smart devices on the market, it suddenly occurred to me: Why don’t we have a smart based home phone? Now, obviously, a lot of people don’t have a home phone anymore because their cell phone serves that purpose. However, there are many reasons to keep your home phone. If everyone is...
  3. TheTundraWolf

    Complex Mixer Setup - Need an Audio wiz's help!

    Many thanks for the help in advance! :) My Home Audio setup has changed since my last post about splitting audio output on the PC, which I have solved by adding a sound card into the mix and this now does the job I needed. System Info PC Specs Mixer: Behringer Xenyx QX1002USB Sound Card...
  4. S

    New router using exisiting router/modem

    Hi everyone, I currently have a Foxtel hub router/modem, but due to increasing demands on our home network, I wish to upgrade this. The router I have my eye on is the Linksys WRT1900ACS. This is mainly due to the highly praised speed at which it handles external storage devices ( I currently...