horizontal lines on screen

  1. Yuvi19144

    Operating system not found

    I have a 6 years old Sony vaio laptop and there is an issue . Whenever I start my laptop it says operating system not found. And the screen is full of horizontal lines .
  2. L

    iMac had horizontal single white line what to do?!

    I just purchased an iMac 2007 era and realized that there is a horizontal single white line that stretches across the whole screen with what appears to be one single pixel that stands out from the line it looks like I have a single dead pixel and a dead horizontal white line running directly...
  3. C

    What is causing a white screen with horizontal lines on it?

    Hi there. I have been searching for a solution to this intermittent problem and most posts don't seem to actually address the problem I have. Mostly people with limited knowledge suggest the obvious or don't really read hat the issue is. So here is the problem: I am trying to fix a friends...