1. Z

    Solved Need an information about hosting.

    I wanna build a link shortener website.I already purchased the script. I made a test run using free domain and hosting.I used infinity free host. After successfully built,I signuped 2 accounts. But unfortunately,my hosting account suspended for 23 hours and they sent me a mail saying that I...
  2. S

    Server/Host Down is Predictable?

    Hi Is it possible to predict the server down, before the sever actually down using Sitescope monitoring tool or any other ways to do that?
  3. AmadeusLee

    Connect WAMP Server/Virtual Host/local Word Press to GoDaddy

    Connect WAMP Server/Virtual Host/local Word Press to GoDaddy. Dear PLANET ! my name is Amadeus, We are starting a self funded animal rescue center, We have purchased out own servers, and are pretty tech savy. We have run across something we can not figure out. Here is our Set up...