1. Suvon102

    Solved CPU temps at 100C and running slow

    Hi my I7 6700k temps are at 100c and my computer is running really slow like under 1 ghz speeds. I just reapplied my thermal paste and put back my Corsair H100i cooler. Need help to know how to put temps back to normal.
  2. L

    GPU running much hotter after reformatting?

    I recently had to reformat due to what I think was corrupt Windows files causing my laptop to lag or freeze. My problem is that ever since, my GPU seems to be less efficient at running games, notably Skyrim. Before the reformat, it would hover around 70-80c in-game, but now hovers around...
  3. V

    How hot should I let my gaming laptop get?

    I use my asus rog gl552 to play mostly ps3 games (sleeping dogs, bioshock, skyrim, etc). I enjoyably play these games on their lowest settings but find that the fan area of my laptop still becomes quite hot. Last week I asked this site if I would be able to play a more demanding game such as...