1. W

    Mobile Hotspot Not Connecting

    Hi, I've been using my computer as a mobile hotspot for my devices (iPhone and iPad) but it stopped working and is showing to have "No Internet Connection" on my iPhone when I try to connect, despite my computer having no problems connecting with the internet. I tried troubleshooting the...
  2. T

    Internet working but not when connected to laptops

    Hi and thank you in advance. Both laptops show my home internet and mobile/cell phone hotspot as having working internet - until I connect them. Then the message is 'connected, no internet'. Troubleshooter either says there's no problem, or can't find DNS server, or that there is no internet...
  3. M

    Help Configuring Access Point to Receive WiFi

    Hi everyone, Thanks for taking the time to read, and potentially help with this! Appreciated :) Anywho, I have an old Desktop that does not have WiFi, only allows Ethernet connection. I also have this old Access Point (might be even obsolete, from GIGABYTE) and a WiFi router. I've been...
  4. N

    Mobile Hotspot Problems

    My family uses high-speed hotspots for our phones for individual person internet use. They are fast enough that they run all games at around 40-90ms ping, with an average of around 60 or 70ms. We have been doing this for at least two years, and they have worked pretty much perfectly for the...
  5. E

    Using laptop as a mobile hotspot

    I recently moved to a student dorm which has internet only accessible through Ethernet cables. To avoid buying a router, I decided to use my laptop as a mobile hotspot for my cellphone and tablet. At first, it didn't work. I tried restarting both the laptop and the other devices, unplugging and...
  6. A

    new age portable life

    I am never home and use my phones as a hotspot nearly 24/7 when they have signal that is... but I would like to know what the name would be for some kind of router that can save my hotspot info from 3-4 phones and turn it into lan… now it would be great if it was usb powered … thanks in advance
  7. W

    No internet access

    My android phone is able to access the internet well but when I create a hotspot and connect my laptop to that hotspot, my laptop won't pick my device's internet connection. It says 'no internet access.' The problem started recently. Before I was able to access internet using my laptop via my...
  8. C

    Windows 10 can't connect to iphone ios 12.1 mobile hotspot

    Asus PCE-N15n Wireless Lan-E Driver: 2010.9.906.2013
  9. W

    Good internet in remote area with poor coverage?

    I am going to be staying in a remote country house, outside Tarbert in Scotland, for 2 weeks and am told that the WiFi is slow there and will not allow streaming. Phone signal is also poor there. Is there something I can buy which will provide internet which is quick enough to stream on? I am...
  10. crcook84

    A Better Hotspot

    I purchased for myself a hotspot some time ago. It’s a ZTE MF64. I wanted to be able to have something so that I could use my tablet’s WiFi on the go. I get great reception when I can get it to work. However, when I haven’t used it for a long time, I have to pull out the battery and put it back...
  11. D

    Outlook 2013 with HotSpot not working

    Here's an interesting one... I am trying to use my cell phone's HotSpot to run my company laptop. I am able to access the web, run the Web application of Outlook, and do a few other things but I cannot access network drives nor access my Outlook application. When I connect at home, it works...
  12. S

    OSToto Hotspot Program will not uninstall

    I downloaded OSToto Hotspot program and it's not working. So, I tried to uninstall it, but I can't. So, I'm a bit worried that it might not be a safe program. Any help on how to uninstall it?
  13. Squatta

    Best Wifi Antenna for Reception to Access Hotspot

    There is a public/free-to-use/open hotspot near me. I am trying to find the best wifi antenna I can and don't know what to look for. I don't have access to modify this hotspot and only have permission to utilize its signal, so I am working on the reception-side only. I am trying to go through...
  14. M

    internet hotspot connectivity issues

    i have created a wireless hotspot from my laptop in command prompt to run my playstation 4 off so i get a better connection to my router, i have followed all necessary steps to do so, and have allowed internet sharing to the hotspot from my main wifi supply. but when i try to connect on my...
  15. techlish

    Hotspot not working, Hosted Net Supported No ! Help !!

    Windows 10 Dell Inspiron 3543 Command: netsh wlan show driver Result: Hosted Network Supported: No Please help me out.....before updating to Windows 10, the hotspot is working. Driver install - uninstall, enable - disable, won't work. I don't want to roll back to 8.1. Please reply guys please !
  16. R

    4G Mobile Hotspot for Business

    Hello. I have a small medical practice and I am moving into a new office location this week. We will not have our final internet connection until three weeks out. I was wondering if I could power the business using a Verizon Hotspot. We would have six laptops and six cell phones running at...
  17. B

    Wireless hot spot

    I am looking for a wireless hotspot for when I travel. I have used my phones data plan as a hotspot, but it's not enough. I tries the jetpack but its also not cheap. What other options for wireless hotspots
  18. M

    Cannot create hotspot using CMD.

    Hello guys, I'm using a dial-up connection in my PC and for the last 2 months, I've been facing a problem in creating hotspot using CMD. I used to get internet in my cellphone from this hotspot and now since it's not working I'm finding it real hard. I don't know what could have...
  19. J

    Wi-Fi Crisis

    I am trying to get unlimited internet for my uncle who lives in a rural area. We can see a cell tower from his house, so LTE or 4G hotspots work great. But we currently have T-Mobile's highest available hotspot plan; 22GB per month. It is simple not enough. My uncle plays PS4 and one update...