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    USB Mouse and Touchpad lag when any AMD R4 Driver installed

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit Processor: AMD A6-6310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics, AMD64 Family 22 Model 48 Stepping 1 Processor Count: 4 RAM: 7113 Mb Graphics Card: AMD Radeon(TM) R4 Graphics, 1024 Mb Hard Drives: C: 698 GB...
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    Solved Restart loop on Windows 10 installation in HP laptop

    Hello, I reset my laptop by using Startup Repair before booting into Windows. I removed all the files and tried to install Windows 10 again but it stuck in continuous OFF and ON, and Windows logo with loading circle. And now I can't even go to Troubleshoot or load previous Windows 10. So What...
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    Windows 10 Random Reboots. Is it a driver conflict?

    So I only developed this problem last night around 10:30. I will be in the middle of something and my laptop will just go to a black screen and then randomly reboot. For reference, my laptop is an HP Pavilion 15-aw057nr (ENERGY STAR). The only things Ive done as far as software changes goes is...
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    Screen went black

    My HP laptop screen went black. It's fairly new, only a few months old. I plugged it in and the light goes on at the side of the computer that it is charging, as well as caps lock light etc goes on but the screen is entirely black now. For a about a week before this the screen went half grey but...
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    What laptop should i buy?

    I have a very slow and heavy laptop with no battery life and a failing power cord, so i decided to buy a new one for myself. Question is: which one would attend to my needs? I am a graphic design student, so i use all the photoshops and illustrators and sony vegas of the world, as well as i...
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    ioncube encoders. Help Please

    Well i just purchased an HP notebook from walmart with 4GB RAM. I am trying to access this certain website and it says that there is an error because apparently my computer is equipped with the PHP 7.0 and the website is encoded with the ioncube encoder for PHP 5.3. The error code reads...
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    Keep getting disconnected

    Hi my laptop has been disconnecting me from the internet at random times and I can't seem to fix it. The internet works fine on every device except my laptop. Please help!