hp envy x360

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    Laptop fan noise HP - ENVY x360 15.6" AMD Ryzen 5 2 in 1

    Hello, I recently purchased a brand new HP - ENVY x360 15.6" AMD Ryzen 5 2 in 1 - 1 TB HDD & 128 GB SSD, Silver (windows 10) from curry’s. I like the laptop but the fan is unbelievably noisy and it is always on if the laptop is on. I’ve tried a whole number of internet suggested tips like bios...
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    Laptop won't boot from/with external HDD

    Hey techs, So, I converted my hdd into an external one (because the internal hdd port on motherboard is faulty). After that, when I plug it during boot, the laptop freezes up and I can't do anything (tried on another laptop, same issue). I can connect it after booting and access it without any...
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    Please help...HP x360...welcome screen locked

    Hello...I am able to power ON and the screen saver background, time, battery life icon, and WiFi icon are all on... But there is no longer a sign in mechanism when I click the screen... Something may have happened after an update. I remember a Cortina email sent to my wife's email shortly...