hp laptop

  1. P

    HP Laptop will not boot from usb or dvd

    Hi, My laptop will not boot from usb or dvd. I have tried several times. I have gone into the boot menu, disabled secure boot, manually put the computer in legacy mode, and put the usb and dvd drive as top priority to boot; and it still will not load my bootable drive. Both the usb and dvd will...
  2. ConsciousColony

    Inactive PC Memory Running Slow

    Hello! Recently I've noticed an increase of memory usage on my computer to the point I can hardly run anything without one thing or another crashing or my PC freezing up for a few seconds. Even when I have nothing open the memory usage is really high. I've read that Extensions on FireFox (or...
  3. Furfur

    GPU not detected in laptop

    I have a Hp laptop and it had windows 8.1 , but it was extremely slow to an unbelievable level , so I formatted it completely and installed a clean version of Windows 10 and the laptop was up and running smoothly . But I ran into a problem and that is that my built in GPU was not being read at...
  4. D

    Laptop broken :(

    My laptop recently automatically updated and has not since worked properly. When I try to turn it on, all that shows up is the logo and the loading wheel, or a black screen. I cannot access the log in screen. I have tried most if not all the solutions in Troubleshoot. I also created a backup...
  5. S

    Hacker? New Windows "migrations" Other Invasive Stuff....

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit, Build 18363, Installed 20190318203525.000000-420 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10510U CPU @ 1.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 142 Stepping 12, CPU Count: 8 Total Physical RAM: 12 GB Graphics Card...
  6. MickOG

    Is it upgradeble?

    Greetings. I'm wondering if my is upgradeable. If so, what SSD would be recommended to use?
  7. Keegangough

    Can’t install windows 10 via USB

    My HP pavilion 17 laptop crashed on me a while back and I was left with the bare OS. I am now trying to boot windows via usb but it’s not working on any of the partitions. I have tried using command “diskpart” “list disk” etc. But after “diskpart” it doesn’t let me type anything else. I have...
  8. AustinGolec

    F12 orange light

    On my hp laptop my f12 key is orange and it is showing no available connections when I start up my pc sometimes. Other times it runs normally but I have yet to find a permanent fix.
  9. Daveygravy

    Upgraded the hard drive now what?

    Hi, Excuse the bumbling but I'm a complete novice re forums and.. computers. I have an HP Probook 470 G5. Windows 10. It has a 500gb ssd drive. I recently purchased a Samsung 860 EVO 2 TB SATA 2.5" Internal SSD. I was advised to clone my drive. Which I did. To begin with it would fail, until I...
  10. L

    i5 has lower processing speed than an i3

    Hi, How does the speed and performance of this i5 SSD with 1-1.9GHz compare to this i3 SSD with 2-2.9 GHz and this i3 SSD with 3-3.9 GHz? Also, I presume this the i5 is still faster and better than the others despite being lower in processing speed? Lastly, with such good prices, does anyone...
  11. D

    Brother printer drivers not installing on HP laptop

    Greetings, About a month a program called HP Support Assistant showed a long list of updates that needed to be installed on my HP laptop so I let the various updates install. There was at least 15 or so updates that ran. After the updates my laptop could no longer print to my Brother...
  12. TECsta

    Screen Resolution/Aspect Ratio Upgrade...

    Hi TG Crew.. I have a basic HP laptop (no frills) the maximum screen resolution (1920 x 1080) it's incapable of fully displaying dialog boxes! for instance in order to Ok 'Preferences' on my latest cool Adobe CC subscription, i have to put the Screens Orientation on Portrait mode, sideways? And...
  13. D

    On and Off Glitching Computer Screen

    Ok, so my hp laptop that I've had for two years has started glitching. But for some reason, this will happen, then stop, then happen, and on and on. It drives me crazy! I've tried a few things on my own like updating drivers, checking for incompatible apps, and seeing if it only glitches when...
  14. karebear

    Laptop keeps shutting down

    I have an old laptop...HP vista. It keeps shutting down after I boot it up. Sometimes it stays on a minute or two other times shuts down right away. Is this a cord issue? Thanks!
  15. G

    I've been looking for a certain something...

    Hello! I needed help to find a new battery replacement for my Hp 17-bs049dx laptop. I've been looking for hours and I haven't found anything. I wanted to look for a generic battery and one by the manufacturer. Thank you for the help, have a good day.
  16. K

    Laptop can’t find any wireless connections

    I have an HP laptop and after replacing my fan (my computer had not been use in a few months). My laptop can’t find any wireless connections. I’ve restarted everything router and such, but it still doesn’t pick up anything. I’ve tried troubleshooting and I even checked if anything wasn’t working...
  17. C

    HP laptop 4 GB RAM

    I've found a HP laptop that I like with 2TB, but only 4 gigs of RAM. Will the 4 gigs be enough? Drawbacks? Thanks
  18. R

    Not Sure I Can Do This By Myself

    I have an HP Pavilion - 15-ab165us (ENERGY STAR) User Guide - Windows 8.1 When I first purchased this computer, I th0ught I had correctly saved the recovery on a flash drive. My hard drive died. I bought a solid state drive and was going to use the recovery that I thought I had saved on flash...
  19. B

    Solved Windows 10 sound static

    When streaming Xfinity TV on HP laptop the sound became very low. I tried to fix and now it's nothing but static. When trying to fix, I thought I could uninstall real Tek and then reinstall. I managed to uninstall real Tek speakers and now I can't reinstall. Help. I made a mess. I am not tech savvy.
  20. E

    Some keys (most) on laptop keyboard not working

    Please help me because I have been trying for 3 hours now and want to cry haha. I used my laptop last night and the cat did walk over it, as she usually does so it may have been something she has done or just a coincidence this has happened. I just went to use my laptop tonight and could not...