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    Completely Challenged

    I moved recently, lost all connectors and power cord to my 21.5" HP 2159M WideScreen 1920x1080 HDMI/DVI-D/VGA w/Speaker Black LCD Monitor FV585AA#ABA, computer. Please, need this for work - What type of cables do I need, especially the power cord for Monitor. SOS!!
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    Windows splash screen for a few seconds then freezes black

    I've actually got into windows twice. Even automatic repair usually crashes at a black screen. The computer isnt responding because when I press caps lock the light doesnt turn on / off. Can anyone help? It's a HP pavilion 6130 with 8GB ddr2 ram and an AMD phenom x4 (dont know the rest)...
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    PC Shutting Down instead of Sleep

    Hi there! I've recently been encountering a problem with my PC (HP Pavilion 15) where it will shut down instead of going into sleep mode after minutes of inactivity. I changed the settings in power and sleep settings so that it should only go to sleep mode, and on top of this I changed that it...
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    Stop code: unmountable boot volume

    Hello, I have a HP Pavilion x360 Windows 10, since I did an update it stays on automatic repair or sometimes I get the curser with a black screen, HELP!
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    My 10th gen intel laptop won’t boot!

    Hi, I have an hp pavilion 14 inch with i5 intel optane with 512 fab sdd. Hardly use it as I have work laptop. It only has basics internet and Spotify, nothing else downloaded. Used it two days ago, just browsing online and that was it. Turned it off. Turn it back on next day. I get this! Boot...
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    Hard disk fault 303

    I have an HP pavilion g7 series. I ran a test on the hard drive and it says hard drive disk fault 303. I understand that means my hard drive is done for. Is there any way to retrieve my files from it?
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    Hp laptop won't turn on

    I have a hp pavilion g6 and it won't turn on I tried hard reseting it but it still won't turn on its charging light comes on and when I press the power button the disk drive starts up for a sec but nothing else .
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    Damaged network adapter

    Hello, my collegue at work asked me if I could try to repair his HP Pavilion 17 laptop, on which he spilled some drink. Computer is running well, I replaced cpu fan, but it can't connect to any wi-fi. I found that it's broadcom BCM43142 network adapter is not registered by operating system...
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    Optical Drive Cannot Be Reinserted

    Hello, I dropped my laptop recently, which caused my optical drive to pop out. The screw on the bottom of the laptop is missing, but everything else seems to be in tact. I’ve tried forcefully pushing the drive back in, but it doesn’t not completely want to fit. I’m really unsure of what I...
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    Hp Pavillion 510-a010 Windows 10

    I ran a system diagnostic and the harddrive failed the quick test with the error code "PGF3GF-8B89K4-XD4F6K-60TE03" The disk is always running 100% in the task manager and I'm not sure what to do to fix it.
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    Installed a new hard drive-now what?

    I have an HP Pavilion 17 touch - gl53cy and the hard drive in it needed to be replaced. I replaced the hard drive and purchased a Windows 10 thumb drive. I tried to download Windows 10 but something went wrong. It now says “Boot device not found-Please install an operating system on your hard...
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    Make PC into a gaming PC

    Hi anyone who may be able to provide an answer. I currently have an HP Pavilion Desktop PC. There is no Tower, all of the power and processors are within the monitor itself. Thus being said, the graphics and ability for it to run games is not the best quality and was wondering if it was possible...
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    HP Pavilion dv4 notebook PC operating software Windows Vista

    All right I really appreciate if you buddy can help me I have a HP Pavilion notebook PC that was stuck it's a start up because the boot manager was missing I didn't have any of the installation disks the current operating system was Vista I was given a Windows XP installation disc when I try to...
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    Keyboard not working HP

    Keyboard unresponsive on HP Pavillion laptop. I have tried restarting, the uninstalling method, searching for driver updates and it remains unavailable. Please help.
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    Can’t open my Hp Pavilion n-67sa

    Im trying to change the hard drive in my Hp laptop. Serial number: 5CD4132XOK. I’ve tried calling Hp for support but apparently they don’t support that laptop anymore. To get into the laptop, you first have to remove keyboard, followed by the plastic cover around the keyboard. It’s attached by...
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    Driver Issue After Win10 x32 Install

    Basically, I've got an HP Pavilion x360 (expired warranty) and yesterday, it completely quit on me. After hours and hours of reading forums and talking to various people, my only solution was to reinstall Windows 10 (32bit) using a USB. At first, it worked! Everything went great. But, I've...
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    In Progress PC Keeps Freezing

    I have a hp pavillion p7 1421 running win 8 on it and every time I turn it on it freezes with 2 to 3 minutes. I hit it with malawarebytes and McAfee but it just got worse. Its even freezing in safe mode and now I'm afraid to touch it. It even froze when I tried a system restore ITS THE DEVIL I...
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    Graphics card doesn't play well with latest Windows update

    The image on my mom's computer display is suddenly stretched horizontally for no discernible reason, and the normal solutions don't help. I tried to change the resolution settings but none worked. I uninstalled the display driver and rebooted, but it was the same. I downloaded the display driver...
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    My PC won't recognize iPhone

    I have an iPhone 6 that won't turn on completely. When I plug it in, the computer makes the jungle sound and iTunes pops up. But when I go into "My PC" folder there is no iPhone folder to open. This is where I usually transfer my photos to my desktop. I know this is an issue with the phone, and...
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    Need help. Monitor not being recognized.

    I have a HP pavilion a400n. When I turn the tower on it works.. but the monitor goes to sleep "power button turns orange." When I unplug the monitor from the tower it has a self test screen pop up but I can't do anything.