1. B

    Geoip redirect in htaccess causes loop

    Hi, I am trying to set up simple redirections to send visitors to my website to the correct country page. The Apache GeoIP module is installed and enabled. In my htaccess file I added the redirects as suggested in the documentation but just get stuck in a redirect loop when I test it...
  2. P

    Need help with htaccess and php includes_path

    I am trying to migrate a site over to a new webhost. It's mostly HTML/CSS, using PHP for includes. There is a default path to the includes directory. On the live servers, this was set up by a consultant (no longer available) using includes_path in php.ini, as well as some lines in my .htaccess...
  3. Gabrielfofera

    How to Stop the Amazon Assistant aa.hta Service

    So first of all, English is not my main language so, sorry for my bad england ok?:D I will be fast and right to the point but just to make things clear this is not a final fix for fully deleting the ''virus'' but to get rid of that pop up window all the time that seems to be strong enough to...
  4. G

    Solved Rewrite rule - 301 redirect - main URL, not rest of site

    I want to redirect all pages on a site to a new domain with the same page URL structure. I'm using GoDaddy shared server. I added the code below to the .htaccess file and the code does redirect visits from the home page of the old site to the home page of the new site. However, no other pages...
  5. E

    .htaccess error

    Help For my page i am designing i have added into my .htaccess file an errordocument which doesnt work and is causing my page to have an error 500 internal server Here is the code which is messing it up: //Custom 400 errors ErrorDocument 400 /errorpages/400.htm //Custom 401 errors...