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    VR hardware help much appreciated!

    Hello, just a couple of VR related q's I need help with - I have no experience with VR, so excuse the layman terms!) - Whats the difference between the HTC vive trackers ( having a strap on each wrist) and leap motion? you can see your hands in front of you on both of them and can pick things...
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    Solved VR... Am I ready?

    I've checked out the specifications for VR. I've run the tests as well, due to my processor being up to date (an i7-4790, one of those quadcore types). The tests give me the green light to go, but the recommendations for hardware include a GTX 970 for the Rift and Vive. Does my processor give me...
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    Running Fallout 4 on HTC Vive using Vorpx

    Hello! I want to play Fallout 4 on my HTC Vive using Vorpx, but when I run Fallout 4 the game crashes (this happens with other games as well when running Vorpx and HTC Vive). The runs normally when the Vive is disconnected. The game also crashes when Vorpx is turned off. The HTC Vive is in...