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    Phone camera problem

    I've bought a 2nd-hand HTC One-S which has a curious issue with the camera. The colour balance changes from one side of the image to the other. Specifically, the green fades out. This imbalance is visible on the phone's display screen as well as in the photos themselves. Is this a software or a...
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    move to ios

    so, im trying to transfer my phone data from my htc desire 530 to my new iphone 8 using the move to ios app. htc is using android 7.0, and i think the iphone is running on ios 10. however, i keep receiving the "unable to migrate" message. my htc doesnt have the option to turn off the smart...
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    HTC-510 Desire-Screen lock stuck on voice input

    Suddenly out of the blue my HTC-510 Desire's phone lock screen is stuck in Voice Input mode. Problem is I did not change the format to use a voice-login method. Originally set up my screen-lock for input by keyboard. Microphone will not acknowledge voice command for neither my password or when...
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    Power button hardware issue HTC Desire 816

    I'm new to this site and I am not super knowledgeable about technology so hopefully this question makes sense. I dropped my HTC Desire 816 in a sink with very little water in it. I turned in my phone to a repair shop and they were able to clean out my phone and the only problem with my phone...