1. BenHoward

    HTML and CSS help for changing background

    Hi, I require some help. My friend sent me an HTML document and he asked me to change the background. Now I'm new to HTML and all this but changing the background should be easy but I can't find it anywhere in the HTML doc or the CSS. Any help? It's just the top of the page not the whole of...
  2. C

    Career Options

    Hello forum, I am going to pursue my masters in Data analytics (from Ireland DBS). I am interested in web developing too. My questions: Are there any jobs that would compensate both of my skills? Will it be worth to spend my time in learning web development or should I completely focus on my...
  3. C

    Foreign language punctuation issue

    I have a webpage with a foreign language and the LTR styles with HTML and CSS doesn't seem to be working. Any suggestions how to do it correctly? <div style="direction: rtl; float: left; width: 37%;"> <p><span style=" direction:rtl;background-color: #eeeeee; padding: 2px...
  4. B

    Making a website - html: how to link?

    We are trying to create a webshop in the program, atom. But we are unable to link a page to another in the program. For example: when you click on "Shop" it goes straight to one category like coffee, for instance, but the rest of the categories aren't responding. Can someone help us?
  5. B

    Need help Setting up HTML files to start up full screen on 2 monitors

    this is what i have so far for the batch file , but it doesn't seperate the windows, or make them full screen. any help would be very appreciated. start file:///C:/users/intern/Desktop/30s.html --kiosk -fullscreen -new-window -window-position=1600,0" start...
  6. M

    Making a Table Layout Responsive

    Having a hard time to make a table layout responsive Hi guys, So I created a layout successful through tables but I cannot make it into a responsive layout. It cuts the image rather than squeezing it inside the page. I know it's simple but I'm just a beginner. Any help will be appreciated...
  7. R

    How to create a web portal?

    Hello everyone, as you guys are familiar with thread title “How to create a web portal”. So basically I’m interested in creating a web portal which takes a unique id (allotted to each and every user) and it gives the information all of that particular id. For example: In TikTok(a really famous...
  8. L

    New APK files taking over android apps

    I have a never ending data theft issue. Right after factory reset two HTML codes appear in my file folder. Soon after all my apps begin working together to cache and steal all my photos and files. No virus scanner even sees it. I extract and they rebuild. I have traced it to Total Controller...
  9. C

    Draft newsletter in pages, send as body of email

    So I've been trying to work through this issue on my own for a while now to no avail. For yeas I've promoted the benefits of my beloved Apple computers because as an artist I love a lot of the capabilities it provides and the overall clean and finished look of a lot of the in house drafting...
  10. L

    Stripe checkout and jquery integration. Help ASAP PLEASE!!!

    Whoever does help thank you in advance, as there are dead ends to skill here and there. I have an html jquery shopping cart with a the payment checkout for paypal, i just want to change the paypal button and checkout to Stripe card or bitcoin. If you can simply help me with this, it would be a...
  11. Z

    Netstat showed DOD, NASA, and MIT?

    So I am ignorant to reading or what will read the files and logs I need read. My phone my internet everything has been bugged. Can I please get some advice at least j7popltevzw:/ $ jar xf /system/bin/sh: jar: not found 127|j7popltevzw:/ $ /system/bin/sh: not found...
  12. T

    Solved How to Make Tumblr side links open in same tab?

    Hello all. I have tried to find the issue to this problem and I've no luck. My blog is here and here is my theme code. My problem is that every time I click on the side links on my theme (01, 02, 03, etc) it always launches a new tab. It is very bothersome because this sort of thing has never...
  13. M

    Email template not responsive

    Hi guys, I am a graphic designer and not web developer but however our web developer quit his job then my boss is insisting me to finish the job. I'm almost there but the email template is not responsive. I'm using mail chimp and the content is made out of html and css to bring the effect they...
  14. D

    Save html files with NotePad or WordPad?

    Need to backup a lot of html webpages that also have other languages in the code. (Not computer languages, spoken languages, like Russian). Does MS NotePad or WordPad save all characters intact, or will some of the text get changed when saving in the .txt or .rtf file format? Is there a better...
  15. Y

    Solved Image moving in Dreamweaver

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to build an HTML email and i got to lay all the text I wanted but I still couldn't figure out any way to place the images and visual content where I want (example in attached screenshot). I am a newbie and I know almost nothing about coding. I heard about CSS Float but I...
  16. Y

    Solved Help needed with DreamWeaver (New to HTML)

    Hi everyone! I have to build an HTML email (not responsive just plain text & photos) for work so I installed DreamWeaver and I just can't get it to work and it's driving me nuts. I'm actually supposed to build the email based on a banner that the PR office gave me (which is just below)...
  17. S

    Wordpress Broken link / Image front page menu bar

    On the top left hand side of my menu bar there is a broken link redirecting me back to the home page. I want to remove this. I am using the divi theme and have tried all the options and settings. I don't want a logo or any link in that area.
  18. A

    Website Not Working Properly

    I've been working on my website and use WYSIWYG to build it. I've had a pretty easy time using it and publishing it until just now. I've tried twice to fix it and I don't understand what's wrong. After adding some page links at the top to the existing ones and published the page, my website...
  19. M

    Audio not playing on Webm's, and videos on most websites.

    My browser is Firefox and whenever I click on a video to play it the audio will not play right away. Only until I click once or multiple times on the video slider will I get any audio. I have no Idea why this is happening and restarting my PC only fixes it for a few hours. Any help would be...
  20. A

    Difficulty Publishing Site

    I have an account with and have been using Web Easy Pro 10 for months to create and upload my website. I've never had any difficulty with it. I just use the FTP upload thing in the software using my credentials and everyhting just works. However, I changed to WYSIWYG to make a...