1. A

    Can not open HTTP sites but can open HTTPS sites

    Hello, my browsers both Chrome and MS Edge will not longer open sites that do not start with https. All http sites dont open. In CHROME: a pop up comes up that says "Sign in, http//(website name), your connection to this website is not private, Username ( ) Password ( )" if i enter a...
  2. T

    Cannot access HTTP websites

    I believe this to be a Winows10 issue, only because I've only seen it on a windows10 computer and it wasn't previously a problem (so I'm told - this is on a client's computer). Any attempt to access a web page on an HTTP website results in a failure with too many redirects. This could be...
  3. K

    error 508

    Does anyone know how to fix this? HTTP Status 508 - An unrecoverable error loop occurred while displaying the Blackboard Learn error page
  4. ShinraStrife

    Solved Frontier ISP - Url not found for all non HTTPS connections.

    Before I dive into my problem here's my hardware / software specs and a list of things I've tried: CPU: AMD Zambezi Quad Core 4.2 GHz MOBO: MSI 970 AMD Gaming Mobo RAM: 8GB G.Skill sniper series 1866 GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 480 8GB HDD1: WD Black 1TB HDD HDD2: Samsung EVO Pro 256GB SSD...
  5. T

    Can't access "HTTP" sites, can access "HTTPS" sites.

    PC = Toshiba, OS = Win 10. Any browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox). All open HTTPS sites, NOT HTTP sites. I've tried many things. This is my father's PC. Tried changing the setting in site accessibility, no luck, Restarted browser & whole PC, same. [Setting -> Show Advanced settings -> Change Proxy...
  6. A

    Unable To Access Files Using Website URL

    I am trying to install UserSpice to my website. I've already tested everything using XAMPP and whatnot on my computer. When I put the install files in a folder called "wheel" (which I was told to do in a tutorial that skipped steps leading to this nonsense) to the website via FTP and go to my...
  7. S

    Problems logging in to websites that mix http and https

    There are some websites that use https for some of their pages (like the login screen) and http for other pages like the home screen. On websites like these when I am redirected to an http page after logging in I still have the option of logging in and when I try to do this the page just...
  8. PrinnyKing

    Download Manager works but browser gives 403 error

    Hi. I'm developing an application that has to download files from a certain website, but I get a 403 - Forbidden error. The thing is, strange enough, that both JDownloader and IDM download the files just fine. But, on the other hand, if I put the address manually into Firefox, I get the same 403...
  9. G

    HTTP Requests for a Newbie

    Hello everyone! I am completely new to the world of web programming, but I have worked hard enough to make my own website! I made this website for one of my classes but to explain what it does, I first need to explain the project this website pertains to. I go to a College in Toronto...