1. J

    Huawei p30pro not detected by my pc only.

    Guys I'm desperate for assistance. Apparently after an overseas trip, my phone cannot be detected by my pc. Sometimes my old and faulty cable seems to be able to connect it for a mere while if I keep adjusting the cable but if I change to a working cable, its not detected at all. Any device...
  2. D

    Huawei P30 lite network issue

    Hey. Basically I've bought a new Huawei P30 lite, my wifi router is placed in a room, and when I try to connect to it from another room, it sticks on "Obtaining ip address.."if the method is automatic, and it connects to the router with no internet access if it is a static method. However, if...
  3. J-CAM

    Should I buy a Huawei laptop

    Hi there I am really wanting to buy the Huawei 13 laptop. However, with the recent news of Microsoft cutting Windows licences I am now not sure. If I buy one now with Windows, will I be able to keep receiving updates in the future, or could Microsoft suspend further updates to Huawei laptops...
  4. S

    Regarding router and modem

    Hi everyone, so im trying to help a friend of mine who is staying at a dorm. The dorm already has a modem when she first check in, but doesn't have a router so she went to get one. After hooking it up, she's connected to the WiFi but it returns with Request timed out. I looked at her set up and...
  5. G

    Uninstall software

    Does anyone know how to uninstall software update for Huawei
  6. N

    Huawei - Xiaomi.

    I bought an Huawei-honor phone from Hong Kong. When it arrived in New York City I was told it wasn't compatible with T-Mobile(Simple) mobile Network. I tried ordering an Xiaomi phone but was told it wouldn't work on the T-Mobile Network. However, on Newegg people are saying that they have either...
  7. M

    Huawei p20 volume problem

    So I have had my phone since the middle of May, been updating it while possible and all that. I have noticed, however, that the actual volume when the volume slider is maxed out changes sometimes, I have only noticed it on the media volume. I haven't noticed any correlations with anything else...
  8. D

    Huawei P20 Pro "Smart view flip cover" Keeps OLED on?

    Hey, i recently bought a P20 Pro + the official smart view cover. The P20 pro has a nice OLED Display but the part of the screen, visible through the cover, doesnt seem to dimm / deactivate (even though deactivate is probably a wrong word for it) unused pixels. You can see what i mean by the...
  9. A

    Huawei HG8245 Can only reach google.

    Hey guys, My new wifi router got installed some days ago. Everything works fine for all wifi devices and smartphones. I just connected the machine of my Girlfriend and I only can reach google websites. I tried to connect to the Router configuration by typing the IP into my web browser but I...
  10. K

    Solved Huawei Router Problem

    I did a reset to my Huawei HG531 V1 router but i still cant log in with the default username and password. can anyone help me please?
  11. D

    Huawei p8 Lite or Samsung Galaxy A3 2016?

    I want a good phone, i want apps to be fast and a battery that last me one day! Do you guys can tell me which one is better? Huawei p8 lite or Samsung Galaxy A3 2016
  12. A

    Huawei - HG659 Accessing USB over WAN

    I am trying to access my External HDD through the USB port on this router but having no luck getting it to show up :( Any ideas?? I have supposedly activated FTP & SAMBA in the routers Settings :(