i need help

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    Faster hardware

    I just bought my daughter this computer. She says her games glitch. Can I install something to make it work? Lenovo m91p sff Intel i5 quad core 3.1 ghz processor Win 10 1 tb hard drive 8 gb ddr3 Intel integrated graphics; 2 mb card ram size
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    Can't run any program

    Actually I can run SOME programs but not all. I cant open regedit, cmd, chrome and so much more important apps. I tried to downgrade my pc from a bootable usb but the problem is, it cant run any program! even the windows installer or the setup.exe! please somebody help me. If you can't...
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    Computers download speed is bottlenecked

    As I said in the title, the download speed of my pc is very low compared to it's former speed and my phone's speed. Old Avg PC: 176 download, 24 upload Current PC: 27 download, 21 upload. Specs: i9 7900x Asus Prime x299-a Gskill Trident Z RGB 3200 Geforce gtx 1080 ti 1200 power supply
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    Solved I want to start a blog.Can anyone help?

    I just want to start a blog.In fact many guides are available on google for it.But I need an personal help about it.Means I want help during purchasing domain,Creating account on wordpress,Updating a new post on my blog with good keywords.I am going through it first time so many questions are...