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    Computer's Wi-Fi Not Working

    First off, some details. My computer is an iBuyPower i-Series, though I'm unsure of the exact model. For the last half a year that I've owned this PC, the wireless networking capabilities have never been an issue, save for a slow connection or two, until this morning. When I turned on the...
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    Faulty Start

    I have an Intel Gamer Backbone built by IBuyPower. Every time i try to start it up, it tells me “Automatic Repair- Your Pc did not start correctly” and every time i restart or try some other option, it simply loops and says “Preparing Automatic Repair” and leads me to the prior screen. I tried...
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    PC freezes and reboots itself constantly

    My PC has been crashing a ton lately. A lot more since I've installed the Anniverasry Update for Windows 10. It crashes differently every time-- Sometimes it freezes and reboots itself silently, sometimes it freezes to a loud buzzing noise until I manually restart the computer, sometimes it has...