1. C

    How do I Wipe my Disabled iPhone Without a Trusted Computer?

    So, I disabled my iPhone XS until it had the screen where it said iPhone is Disabled, connect to iTunes, ad I found out that, with much searching, I can wipe my iPhone, which would be the easiest way to recover everything because I had my old phone backed up onto another computer. But the issue...
  2. C

    I cannot move my photos from icloud on my phone to my PC

    Please help me move these photos from my phone to my PC as it is very important. The two pieces of equipment are not communicating and the program is not working correctly. I deleted the icloud program from my computer as I tried to reinstall it but received a message that the window's...
  3. K


    I made my icloud account a long time ago and it was made from a school email that doesnt exist anymore. Now I cant log into the account to take it off my ipad. Anyone know what to do?
  4. J

    How to delete photo from laptop but keep on iCloud

    I have a Macbook Pro with Sierra 10.12.5 OS. I have thousands of photos on the laptop and would like to free up space by deleting the photos from the laptop. They're on iCloud so I thought it would be possible to delete them from the laptop without losing them. But when I click on 'Delete' to...
  5. MilliJoolz

    Disgusted and Frustrated with iCloud email on Android phone

    I have an Android phone, on which I had an iCloud email address, working fine. After June 15, when the 2-step authentication started, that email address doesn't work anymore, and I have been trying to get it to work ever since but haven't been able. I am disgusted and frustrated with Apple, I've...
  6. MrW0lf

    Emails appearing then suddenly disappearing

    So, I just set up a new laptop for a customer. His main email account is with bt internet (@btopenworld.com) He uses outlook (office 365) on his laptop and he has an iPhone 6 which accesses the same email address. All set up with imap settings. He doesn't use iCloud but syncs his calendar with...
  7. S

    ICloud at my friends video - her mothers funeral

    My friend copied her videos and photos to the iCloud. Everything copied except an 8 month period of videos and of course her mothers funeral video was in that time period. Anyone know why this may have happened and how to get to the lost videos without going to a professional for retrieval? No...
  8. D

    iCloud and My Photostream deleted photos.

    I have found over 1000 deleted photos on my iCloud account. i found them by trying to save my photos to my computer. When I dd over 1000 deleted photos downloaded onto my computer. I tried deleting them and deleted alot of my photos in the process, which i am okay with. They were just collateral...