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    sata drive not recognised

    I have a slight problem, have have an old tiny pc that still works great. it has the following: first international computer inc. P4M-800M motherboard Pentium 4 - 2.99Ghz CPU Phoenix technologies LTD 6.00PG bios i would like to simply change the existing IDE hard drive for a SATA i have a 1GB...
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    Anyone here familiar with Komodo IDE?

    I have the free version and I'm trying to disable highlighting of the current line where my cursor is, is that possible?
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    Solved IDE for LUA programming

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for an IDE that works for LUA programming. I have searched in google and I have found one so far but I'm sure there are more. The one I found is Maybe I haven't searched the web very well but I would l would like to know how many...