1. M

    IIS Setup - URGENT help needed

    I got this message trying to install some features. "Do you need to specify an alternate source path? One or more installation selections are missing source files on the destination server. The server will try to get missing source files from Windows Update, or from a location that is specified...
  2. prowl

    I cant get php to connect to mysql on windows 8.1

    I have mysql 5.7 (64 bit) installed alongside php 5.6.1 (non thread safe version, 32 bit) running via iis 8.5 fast cgi interface. my problem is i cant get php to connect to mysql. it shows no error code in my web browser, which makes it difficult to diagnose the problem. I can access mysql from...
  3. V

    IIS on windows 8/10 or Windows Server 2016

    HI folks, I have a very simple website inside my visual studio 2012 it consists of 3 pages when user access to login page he have to provide user name and password ( Which is stored in a MS SQL File) then to be redirected to Home page that provides a simple Google map API also my web site...
  4. R

    Lag pikes after installing IIS web server

    I installed IIS to run a website from home and forwarded port 80 through my router and modem, now when I play video games online I am getting lag spikes where the network stops working for a few seconds every 30 seconds or so, which is ruining my online gaming experience, can someone explain to...