1. noodlesG3

    Where get an Imacg3 (Slot loading) disc drive replacement?

    My imac g3's cd drive broke while I was putting a new OS X on it... Does anyone know where to get a replacement slot loading cd drive?
  2. E

    Mac OS and Windows

    I don't know if y'all can help me with my problem/ its more of needing advice. I use Mac products, iPhone, laptop, and iMac.When i went through school i had no problem with apple and using it for school but i am going back to school in may to start Nursing & was just informed that some of the...
  3. L

    iMac had horizontal single white line what to do?!

    I just purchased an iMac 2007 era and realized that there is a horizontal single white line that stretches across the whole screen with what appears to be one single pixel that stands out from the line it looks like I have a single dead pixel and a dead horizontal white line running directly...
  4. T

    Can't connect to my NAS without getting a security message

    In my Local Network have a NAS WD MyCloudEx2 Ultra with the latest SW and are running a PLEX Server on it which hosts my Music Library. I have a an IMAC with MAC OS Mojave 10.14.6. This ha been working perfectly well for a couple of years. But since a week or two I get the following message when...
  5. W

    Copying software

    I had Final Cut Pro downloaded on an IMac, and copied the entire software into a USB. When I opened the file on a Chromebook, it showed the application in 500 separate files. Is this common when coping software between devices? If so, how do I combine all the files into one application that...
  6. C

    Digital Camcorder (canon m650i) to iMac

    I am struggling to find a way to transfer videos from an old digital camcorder (m650i) canon, I’ve recently been told from Canon themselves that they have no software still operating that can assist me. I’ve looked online and found that connecting a FireWire 4 pin to 9 pin then connecting a...
  7. J

    NAS Causing Mac to crash

    Hey everyone, Perhaps someone has experienced this before; I've been experiencing crashes at random since acquiring a new NAS system for an edit suite of 4 iMac post production workstations (all post 2015). It's a 12 Bay NAS by QNAP, optimized for 4 people : QNAP TVS-1282T3 12-Bay NAS 1 of...
  8. R

    Rode NTK - Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 - iMac

    Hello, I hope you will help me, because I am not able to find out what is wrong. Microphone - Rode NTK Audio Interface - Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 iMac Recording Software - Logic Pro X My problem - I have little home recording studio. I bought these new components, but my recording volume is very...
  9. M

    iMac specialist explain this to me PLease!!

    I am trying to buy a cheap iMac that is equivalent or nearly equivalent to a multi-use computer that I want to game and edit on. I came across a old mac pro that has 2 duo core 3.0ghz processors and I wanted to know is that equivalent to a quad core or i3 intel processor. I don't know much...
  10. JeffinSF

    hacked iMac

    iMac - Sierra 10.12.5 - late 2014 - bought 10/1015 - 27" retina 5K display Had not used Apple TV for several months until last night. Found new: * my TV had message "not connected to internet" - my computer was connected * could not get past this - I was locked out * my computer asked...
  11. MKI92

    Adjust brightness in Windows 7 on iMac

    Hey everyone I've recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my iMac (Retina 5K 27-inch Late 2014) using BootCamp. It went just fine and the support software was installed as well. Everything good so far. But.... When I started my iMac running Windows 7 the brightness went far up! The brightness...
  12. I

    iMac 5k backlight dead issue

    So I recently upgraded my late 2015 imac's processor from an i5 to an i7, and when i put it all back together, the screen would not turn on. Well technically it turns on but the backlight does not work. (I can see everything if i shine a strong light on the screen) I've reopened it a few...
  13. D

    Upgraded to El Capitan on iMac - Now running insanely slow

    Hello, Has anyone downloaded this update and experienced this problem? I have 4G of memory that is all in use. Should I go through the trouble of getting more memory (never did this before on a computer) or do a factory reset? My iMac (early 2009) was running perfectly before this and now I...
  14. S

    Mac won't boot up (loading bar halfway then white screen)

    hello. My mac was working completely fine. I usually put it in sleep mode, but before it wouldnt boot up properly it was a bit laggy and unresponsive when i awoke it from sleep one day so i shut it down. When i turned it back on, the loading bar went about half way and it just stopped moving...
  15. D

    iMac on network makes Synology NAS disconnect

    Hello, I moved my computers to a different location and I set up a new network. There were a lot of issues with the NAS so I tried different solutions, nevertheless I am now stuck on this. The NAS works just fine as long as the only one iMac is not connected to the network, no matter if by...
  16. L

    iMac not letting me type

    this only started happening today. My wireless Apple keyboard won't let me type on my iMac. I've restarted my computer twice, gotten new batteries for my keyboard, and turned it on and off twice. Any time I try and type, either it does nothing but make a noise, or If I type a certain letter...