1. B

    Can php detect "if" an image is returned?

    Hi folks, I'm boxing above my weight here, but I have a project I'm passionate about. Any pointers would be appreciated. Found this nifty PHP tutorial on returning a random image from a folder Direct link to PHP Works a charm, but I need to somehow...
  2. Robert the Bruce

    Can't see full image

    As you can see from the screenshot the top of the image can't been seen because of the bar across the top. With Windows XP Home (Windows Photo Viewer I think) this didn't happen but now with Windows 10 I can't see the full image. What can I do or what program should I open my images with in...
  3. Robert the Bruce

    How to save an image?

    How do I save an image after a Google image search ? As you will see from the screenshot there is indeed a Save option but this isn't the kind of 'Save' I'm after. I don't want to save the image to 'Saved Images'. I want to save to a particular folder on my PC, in this case 'Cityscapes' but I...
  4. X

    Corrupted Photo Repair - Somewhat urgent

    An app I had corrupted all of my pictures and videos. I got a recovery app (EaseUS), and the scan was successful. I can see all of my images right there! Yet, when I try to "recover" them, it only shows me a red circle with an exclamation mark on the top of the image. I know there must be a way...
  5. mradnan

    How Can I Steal Images And Videos From Mobile(MTP) To Pc.

    How Can I Steal Images And Videos From Mobile(MTP) To Pc when i conect any device to pc with USB Cable... Thanks For Help
  6. A

    Unknown .bmp files were found on my external hard drive

    While running a duplicate file finder on my external hard drive I found over 30,000 files which are .bmp. I do not know where they came from Many are "copies" of my photographs. Since I never use .bmp for saving my photos I have not been able to explain this. There are many more which are...
  7. R

    Can not access media

    May I first say thank you for any assistance you might render. Recently I have been unable to access ANY of my pictures, videos, or music. They are all on a USB 5TB hard drive. Right before the problem started, I attempted to mirror my hard drives (I have Windows 10 Pro) unsuccessfully. In...
  8. X

    Saving Images with Ease

    Just a Tip Advise for someone collecting references Divide a category you want. EX(New Window with Car Images/New Window Truck Images) Put different categories in separate windows Open image in new tab as many pictures as you like for that window. After finished select the tab with the image...
  9. A

    windows 8.1 having trouble with images being blurred

    The images on my Surface look blurred and stylized, like they have a filter on them. How do I fix this? The text is fine, its just the images.
  10. H

    Images do not show in Outlook

    After I upgraded my computer, I found that many images in Outlook do not show. Instead, I have to right-click and then the images show. I recollect that there is a setting somewhere to solve this, but I can't find it. Many thanks, Shmuel
  11. Robert the Bruce

    Multiple Images on A4 paper.

    Can anyone tell me how to go about printing several (perhaps 12) images onto A4 paper ? This is for the purpose of a photo round in a quiz I'm trying to put together. I'm also looking to have each photo numbered and a line inserted below the image so that the quizzers can write in the name of...
  12. C

    JPEGs unsupported spontaneously and randomly

    Hi there!!! I do product photography and have taught myself up to where I am now as Content Editor for our company. I take photo's and edit them, put them on the website that I maintain and groom. - Thus not fluent in IT jargon, though everything is "googleable"!! So... Last week I took some...
  13. D

    Thunderbird Not Displaying Remote Images - FINALLY Solved!

    I have been tolerating this issue for years, and today, after wasting about 6 hours in investigation and testing, Thunderbird is now displaying external images "inline". I tried all of the suggestions found across the net, and nothing worked. Nada. Nope. Frustrating! Then I decided to think...