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    Solved Constant Outlook 365 crashes driving me crazy

    Hi collective brain I've been suffering this issue for some time and just putting up with it but it's becoming unbearable. I run Office 365 and suffering continuous crashes and force closes with Outlook. It appears possibly to be associated with Outlook accessing a specific email account which...
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    MS Outlook emails sent to wrong folder

    Hi, I am using MS Outlook 2010 I have 2 questions: I have just changed ISP's for my emails and all my sent emails are now being placed in the wrong folder. Take a look at the attached pdf. How to rectify? I have an inbox full of POP3 emails. Can I simply drag and drop (or cut and paste)...
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    Exporating emails with Mac Mail: Incomplete .mbox files

    Every time I try to export one of my mail boxes in order to save the messages onto my computer, the file is incomplete. It creates small .mbox files ranging from 10 KB to 20 MB and yet my mail box is over 600 MB. And I tried multiple times and restarting Mail. Why doesn't it let me export my...
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    Solved IMAP error adding Gmail to Outlook 2016 - Windows 10

    I am baffled by this one, and hope someone can help. I've installed literally dozens of gmail accounts into Outlook for clients, but this one is giving me fits. Every time I try to enter the account into a new Outlook 2016, the program hangs and then gives me an error message about an IMAP...