inaccesible boot device

  1. L

    All of my desktop applications are gone

    I bought a new custom built pc and i wanted to move the programs/program files x86 folder or windows 10 files to my hard drive instead of my ssd because my hardrive has way more space. Anyway i downloaded two migration tools EaseUS Todo Backup Free 10.0 and acronis data migration software i then...
  2. Q

    Inaccessible Boot Device - Blue Screen

    My desktop computer was struck by lightning last month and every since then, it's been on a blue screen loop whenever I start up the computer. It gives me the Inaccessible Boot Device error. None of the troubleshooting solutions work (system restore, system image recovery, system repair, UEFI...
  3. T

    Went from usb 3 problem to can't boot Windows 10 at all

    Hi everyone, I had some Usb 3 devices (hard drives and flash drives) that I knew work, but weren't recognized specifically on the usb 3 ports of my own desktop computer. They weren't even appearing nameless in the Disk management. I did have a small error sign in the Device Manager at the USB...
  4. Qadir

    Inaccesible boot device, Unable to boot in any mode.

    Hi there! My samsung laptop is unable to boot and it is showing an error 0xc0000001 ( you will need to use the recovery tools on your installation media). I don't have any recovery tool and I am unable to boot in any mode. I have also tried to install a new OS but no external media is working...