1. D

    Email Transfer To Wix, Inboxes died

    Hey Fam, Trying to help out a friend who's tech helper has messed everything up. They use to have email accounts hosted through their website developers on wordpress. They had someone come along to help them with their transfer to wix because their websites need constant updating and they want...
  2. J

    Unwanted carriage returns inserted into Gmail text

    A problem has developed with my Gmail recently. I just type simple emails in Gmail, nothing fancy other than setting Gmail to Rich text mode. But whether I open Gmail in Chrome or Firefox, numerous unwanted random carriage returns (vertical spaces) are being inserted into my normal text emails...
  3. cwwozniak

    Change Inbox List Order on Galaxy S6 Edge

    I am trying to help a coworker on this one. He has a Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge. He is using the email app to access a business Google Mail account via IMAP. His problem is that the Inbox is listing messages starting with oldest emails at the top and the newest ones on the bottom. He would like the...