1. kamzz

    Java incompatible software

    i really need java to play minecraft, but the installer just wont open! I ran a troubleshoot on the program and it showed me that it was incompatible. This happened with a few other softwares too, they just wouldnt open to install. Im on windows 10 pro and ive tried all of the java versions.
  2. S

    Solved New Graphics card not working...:(

    Hello. I was very excited to upgrade my computers graphics card, specifically the Radeon Rx 590 (sapphire pulse). Of course, it doesn't work. Here are the specs:, running windows 10. The problem? No signal to the...
  3. D

    My monitor lacks HDMI port and my PC lacks VGA port

    Hello I just bought a new desktop computer but the thing is, My monitor is an really old one thus it only has a VGA port but my new computer doesn't have it. The question is what can i do aside from buying a new a monitor. I have heard of Hdmi to VGA converters and I would like to know if I can...
  4. P

    Mouse and keyboard not compatible during PC reset

    Hey there! I have a problem with my PC, and it has been annoying me for the longest time, so I thought to myself, "Hey I think a PC reset will be good for my PC!" So I go on over, reset my pc completely, everything works fine, until I get into the part where it asks me for the keyboard layout...