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    Solved I changed ADSL setting to VDSL2

    So this is kinda a long story.. but i'm gonna get right to the point. I got scheduled a technician to come out butthe soonest they couldget onetop my houseis Monday. So started to mess with settings on my modem. Well i went to the broadband settings page and changed "adsl-adsl2+bonded" to...
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    Monitors not identifying correctly

    Hello, OK, So i have a quad monitor setup and im having some strange issues with them mot being identified correctly. From left to right then top windows identity's as 2314, (Should be noted that unlike 123, My 4th display is not always on) I use 2 additional custom docks, Called nexus and...
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    IP Address is Wrong

    my IP address has changed - im sure it was due to watching movies online :/ I live in Northern Ireland but apparently i now live in Germany? How do i change this back on a windows computer.... HELP!!! I cant sign up to certain things as it isnt available in my area...but it is... help asap