1. T

    datedif with index match function

    Dear Fellows Can anybody please help to solve this problem, i have a sheet in which form id is associated with experience of a person with different start and end dates, on another sheet i have his personal information. Can a formula be combined having datedif for calculations of total...
  2. I

    Index/Match in Excel 07

    Hello, I,m trying to make a production planning tool in MS Excel 2007. I have attached a sample of that with this post. There are three sheets naming "PCD", "Final" and "Calendar". I am having trouble to make "Calendar Sheet. In this sheet I want to auto fill the order numbers in front of the...
  3. nioc98

    Solved Excel index error?

    Problem: I am using the formula: =INDEX(G3:G12,COUNTA(G3:G12)) to extract the last number in a range of 10 cells G3:G12. Some of the cells are blank. It works until I enter a formula (for example in cell G4: =IF(B4="","",G3) to keep the G3:G15 cells blank if an adjacent cell, say B4, is blank...