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    I just want to set up a new streaming PC

    I was hoping to find online screenshare assistance because I don't fully trust my technical skills to get my system to run as perfect as i would like. This is a refurbished computer and I really need to use it from streaming, however Windows 10 has decided that I can't use 3rd party software or...
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    Connected to internet and online apps works except browser.

    Ok so i have been in a problem for a while my laptop is connected to network and online games are working but my browser not working and i tried everything like cmd command prompt and other stuffs too if someone plz help me fix this issue i will be glad. Ps i used phone to post this and my...
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    Sony Vegas Not responding - File to big?

    My Sony Vegas application does not respond when i upload a gaming video 4gb in size , is it the size? if not i have no idea .. help!