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    Meka Viruse

    My computer is infected by Meka Viruse and now it's not opening any kind of text, audio, video and image file. I have tried many ways to remove it maybe I didn't follow the right way but I couldn't get rid of it. Anyone please help me in removing this viruse by telling me the simplest and...
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    IP address redirecting problems - HELP ! -

    Greetings everyone, thank you in advance for reading my request for help. For little over a month I've been having the same problem with my IP address changing after a few hours inactivity on my computer. I have a fixed IP (i'm in italy) and whenever I turn on my laptop, the IP has been...
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    New Infected Windows 10 Laptop?

    HP Laptop, Windows 10 Home (X64) I am concerned my computer is infected, primarily because in the file access area, "Documents" duplicated itself several times (picture included). When I closed that window and reopened it, the duplication is gone. Other things I've noticed - internet is often...
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    In Progress Win 10 - infected?

    I posted in a separate forum and was told to post in this section. Here's a link to that previous post: My personal laptop details: HP 15-f305dx Notebook PC purchased with Windows 10 Home preinstalled Processor: AMD...