1. A

    Solved Nvidia high definition audio, what is this?

    So, I recently saw in my sound options next to my headphones/speakers that I also have "Nvidia HD audio" but I'm honestly not sure how to plug into it, or even if that's an option. I consider myself pretty tech savvy, but I'm not sure what this is.. Does it enhance my existing...
  2. crcook84

    Posting without it looking like an advertisement

    I'm wanting to post information about dog collars. In the past, I've posted links to Amazon pages and it hasn't been an issue (or I was never given a warning). This time, I'm trying to gather information about collars. There are three different collars I was going to post. I was planning on...
  3. crcook84

    Brickseek...what is it?

    There’s this website called brickseek that seems to have insider information about retail chains. I work for Walmart and we had some customers come in wanting to buy a specific product. The manufacturer discontinued the product. So, the few that were left were getting handed out sparingly. We...