initialize drive

  1. jaqhg

    SSD not showing up in disk management

    Recently purchased a new SSD (Samsung EVO), have a SATA 3 cable connecting it directly to my motherboard in the SATA1 slot (SATA 0 has a 1TB hard drive). I have not initialized the SSD or anything and was under the impression simply plugging it in like this would allow it to show up in my disk...
  2. Adrenalin369

    Z50 win10 optical SSD not found

    Hey, so I put a Samsung SSD in the optical slot on my Lenovo Z50 with an eBay Caddy. Shows in disk drives but is blank in disc management under disk 1. In the title shows 500GB but in volume shows 0. Also shows windows32 drivers oddly enough. Any idea how to get it recognized in order to...
  3. P

    New hardrive not showing in BIOS Windows 10

    Hello, I just bought a secondary internal 2TB SATA hard drive for my desktop to replace a previous faulty one. After connection, I tried to initialize it in disk management but it didn't show. I then restarted and looked into BIOS to see if it was recognised but it didn't show either. To make...
  4. S

    Computer won't read external hard drive

    I have a WD My Book external hard drive, and my computer suddenly isn't reading it. The drive shows up under devices, in disk management, and remove device option, but it doesn't show up in My Computer. I can't access it. When I go to disk management it said not initialized. I try to initialize...