1. J

    Printer HP Deskjet 1000 J100 series

    I'm trying to check the ink levels for my printer. For HP Deskjet 1000 J100 series. I've installed and set up the printer but don't know where the control panel or HP toolbox is. I opened the HP Deskjet icon, but the only thing that opens is a window asking if I want to install a new printer. I...
  2. JanicePh

    Solved Ink for Pixma 2520

    Hello everyone! Happy summer! You all are my go to guys. A lot on my plate right now, so can't think clearly. I need ink for my Pixma Canon printer. MG2520. I'm looking mainly for reasonable if not cheap ink to purchase on line. Does anyone have an idea of any sites that would be reliable? Yes...
  3. R

    EPSON RX620 Printer replacement

    Hi, I have to replace an EPSON STYLUS RX620, but I still have many ink cartridges for it, which I don't want to throw away, as they are brand new. Do you know if there are any other Epson printers that are compatible with these inks? Thanks
  4. micromos

    Solved Printer ink failure

    I have canon MX922 printer that has suddenly stopped printing certain colors. It is less than 2 years old. I thought it was just out of black ink so I bought another but there is no change. Currently I have tried to print a form that has green background and text. It only prints in yellow for...
  5. D

    Canon MG5720 not printing...refilled ink on my own

    Hey all - Can't get my Canon Pixma MG5720 print in PGBLK or cyan, the two colors I refilled on my own. Actually, a couple weeks ago I did refill these on my own and they worked just fine. Then, had to refill again, and they printed 100 - 150 pages or so just fine. Then, yesterday, PGBLK...
  6. M

    HP photosmart c4180 technical difficulties

    hello thank you for taking the time to read this. So i just refilled my ink cartridges for my hp photosmart printer, but it keeps telling me that my ink levels are low and that i need to refill them, but i already did. IS there anything i can do? I would really appreciate input. Thank you again...