1. andybrown

    Dell Inspiron 5565 - upgrade processor and graphics card?

    Hi All I currently have a Dell Inspiron 5565 and have found it playing games and graphics slow. Does anybody know if it's possible to upgrade the processor and graphics card? I can't seem to find any details online.
  2. S

    BSOD on Dell Inspiron Windows 10 PC

    Hi all, apologies in advance for my lack of technical knowledge in computer software and hardware. I am a casual gamer and purchased a gaming desktop (Prebuilt, sue me) in 2018. I have experienced no issues with it and use it only once or twice a week, up until two months ago when it all of a...
  3. A

    need help upgrading WiFi card of my dell inspiron 3551

    hi all. this laptop came with a 2.4ghz card and i want to upgrade to a 5ghz card. i could have gone for usb option but then i need to disable internal card which also has bluetooth and i need bluetooth. i am from India so please suggest cards available in India that work with this model. or...
  4. Annierl

    Solved Dell Inspiron 3542

    When I turn on my laptop it goes to Automatic repair and says Automatic repair couldn't repair ypur pc and the two options shut down and Advanced options. I've tried just about all of the advanced options and nothing is working I also did f12 diagnostics test and it said nothing was wrong. Need...
  5. A

    dell inspiron 3551, no chipset drivers available, crucial st

    hi all. first of all, please excuse as i am going to put a lot of questions in 1 thread. i have a dell inspiron 3551 laptop. its specs are as mensioned. Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU N3540 @...
  6. L

    Slow Dell Inspiron 5566 notebook

    Hi, We bought a Dell Inspiron 5566 a few months ago, and from the beginning it seemed to work slower than how a 7th generation i3 processor with 8GB of RAM should really be. In addition, at some point the screen started to flicker for a few seconds when waking from sleep, and sometimes the...
  7. J

    Solved Spilled salt on laptop

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 gaming with a spill-resistant keyboard and I accidentally spilled a little salt near the keyboard. It works just fine, but should I worry? Maybe I should take it to professionally clean? Thanks in advance!
  8. J

    Power adapter not recognized Dell Inspiron

    I have the following laptop and am getting a power adapter not recognized error, I have replaced the battery and power adapter to try and fix this issue and it, (it did work briefly for about a week), hasn't worked. when I hover over the battery icon it gives me the battery percentage and says...
  9. P

    Reinstalling Windows 10

    I have a Dell Inspiron 3452 and I was experiencing some slowdown and the storage was maxed out and someone told me to try and reset the computer and remove all content and data and I did that by going to settings and doing it in there. While it was resetting it got stuck at 55% for a few hours...
  10. B

    Upgrade To Current Graphics Card

    Not sure if this is the correct thread, but I am looking to get a better graphics card for my inspiron 3650 dell desktop computer. here is a link to the CPU and...
  11. LestervdMerwe

    New PC causes worse lag when we are playing online ...

    Hi there guys So this post is a bit of both , gaming and network problems SO my girlfriend and myself play a lot of Dota 2 and after she was playing for a long time on a 10 year old pc we decided to buy a newer PC Its was not the best PC specs wise but it was DEFINITELY a upgrade from the old...
  12. K

    Laptop slows down in confusing circumstances

    Hello guys, I've been using my laptop (Dell Inspiron 15R) for almost 3 years now and I never had a problem apart from the slow boot-up which I thought was because I didn't format it for a while. However, ever since I did that it started slowing down to a point where it almost stops working at...
  13. G

    Solved Dell Inspiron n5040 high pitched noise

    It seems a high pitched noise in a Dell is fairly common. I have read the forum and tried some of the suggestions but none of them worked. I have a high pitched noise (it sounds like when I use a Dremel to cut a nail or using a dog whistle) coming from the bottom right side of laptop. It is...
  14. Rakaro

    Solved Laptop will not charge due to motherboard problem

    My uncle's laptop recently stopped charging itself. When the charger is plugged into an outlet, a light comes on meaning it is connected. This light turns off once it is plugged into the laptop itself and results in no charge or electricity being supplied to the laptop. The laptop will not turn...
  15. Y

    Stuck in Automatic Repair loop after upgrading Dell 7559

    So, I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 7559, and decided to upgrade it with another 8GB RAM and a 120GB 850 Evo SSD. Directly after installing these, upon boot I was taken to a white screen reading: "The amount of system memory may have changed" with the options of "Continue" "BIOS Setup" and...
  16. H

    DELL Inspiron 15 (3542) Power Issue

    Dear Friends, Yesterday I was using my laptop as usual and suddenly saw Kernel Memory Dump BSOD and then nothing happened for more than 5mins. I used the power key to shut the computer. Now when I am trying to start it, it won't start. I am using DELL Inspiron 15 (3542) model with Windows 10...