1. L

    First GeForce GPU installation issues

    So I have an older dell computer I was trying to turn into a beginners gaming computer. I bought a GeForce GT 640 and when I went to install it I realized my DVI-D cable does not fit into my monitor (there is a DVI-D slot however it is also a male end, so I think I need to get an adapter or buy...
  2. F

    Installing SSD as my secondary Storage

    Hi, in advance thank you for the help. I have recently bought a Samsung EVO 250gb SSD to align with my Hardrive, now to install it i also bought a Dynamode drive Bay which acts as an adaptor to install my 2.5" SSD. The problem i have encountered is that im not sure how to actually install the...
  3. V

    Clean windows 10 installation won't boot

    Hi I just got new Hdd 1 T. For my min tower acer desktop. 1.I created 2 new partitions. 2. installed a fresh copy of my windows 10. after initial installation system is rebooting AND I got a very simple message on the black screen : "Reboot or select proper boot device or insert boot media...
  4. lockermade

    Solved Removed game still tries to install on PC start

    I installed a game called "Papers, Please" I then uninstalled it. But every single time I turn on my pc this pops up. See image below. I have delete every file on the instalation folder of "papers, please" and also delete every entry on the REGEDIT that has the name of the game on it, still...