install issues

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    Installing JDK doesnt work

    When I try to install JDK, I first of all download it from one of the websites for the Google Search: JDK download windows. There is allways the same file so I guess it doesnt matther which website I download it from. Than I install it and everything works. He tells me, it was successfully...
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    Administration Access

    Help! I bought a used acer laptop from a guy i met online..Upon receiving it i formatted it and after then i experienced the following 1. My store says blocked 2. I cant install any program i get different errors ranging from .. access violation at address and sometimes missing folders 3. When i...
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    notepad.vbe and missing .dll file

    Okay, please bear with me it's a bit of long story.I have Windows 8.1 Pro, and a couple of weeks ago I got a virus and apparently it took me too long to remove it because it gave me a couple of issues. First of all, whenever I start my computer I get the message along the lines of 'failed to...
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    Errors when run using virtual machine

    I like to use a virtual machine (VMWare) as a test systems for scripting and such. I seem to be getting constant errors that I don't recall getting 6 months ago. I've posted a screenshot that shows a few. I get errors that is unreachable quite often as well. I'm positive...
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    Need help bypassing UAC on windows 10

    Hi, I am having trouble installing ANY software to my wife's computer. The laptop is a school board issued device and the domain manager has enabled UAC to prevent any malicious software from being downloaded. I am attempting to install drivers for her printer, league of legends (and all of its...