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  1. Rajatsingh

    Problem Installing window 7

    Hello Well i had window 10 earlier on my system, but due to some problems with my amd gpu software, i wanted to install window 7.( installed the latest driver from amd for my dgpu, but when i was playing some games i noticed that only the intel hd was working and the amd was not working...
  2. X

    Windows won't install after a factory reset

    Hello So I Factory reset my Asus laptop because it was running kind of slow. When I turned on my laptop there was an error saying that My Computer shut down and I need to restart the Windows installation. I didn't know how to do that so I went to Google and youtube for help. After trying to fix...
  3. R

    Not Sure I Can Do This By Myself

    I have an HP Pavilion - 15-ab165us (ENERGY STAR) User Guide - Windows 8.1 When I first purchased this computer, I th0ught I had correctly saved the recovery on a flash drive. My hard drive died. I bought a solid state drive and was going to use the recovery that I thought I had saved on flash...