installation problems

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    Rockstar Launcher won't load (incomplete installation)

    First my Rockstar launcher would only load in offline mode. I then after multiple tries and looking at the game files (it said "load in offline mode = false") uninstalled the launcher and installed it again(about 6 times). From that point on I kept getting the following error when trying to run...
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    Cannot install a cd-rom

    Hi guys I’m trying to install a children’s encyclopaedia on a laptop for my son. The cd-rom says it is for windows xp, which is what the laptop is running. It goes through the installation and setup process. But after the restart if I try to run the it I get the following message : The sound...
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    I am getting this message api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0-dll

    Hi can any one please help me sort this issue i have attached screenshot of the issue. i am trying to install a browser i am getting this error.
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    Avira Installation Issues

    Hi I downloaded the latest version of Avira as suggested by Webuser magazine (using the link they printed in the magazine) as they said they had concerns about the fact that Avast (which I'm currently using) had sold users data to other companies. I realise that if they've sold my data, they've...
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    System attempted load file in reg but file isn't in reg format

    Hello to everyone, I'm trying to boot again an old installation of windows 10 that has been damaged by the miray hdclone tool that has removed the partition table but not the files. Infact with the getdataback tool I've been able to recover every file. What I did has been to reformat the disk...
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    Solved Unable to complete updates 1803 and 1809

    Hello, I bought my new desktop in late 2018, it has been working perfectly but this past month or so, I have been plagued with a persistent annoyance which I have been trying to fix via googling the issue but the various fixes have made no perceivable difference. The short of it is, my...
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    Solved Microsoft office 2019

    I have a version of office 365 installed by my previous employer, the license is now out of date. to try and counteract this I have just purchased and downloaded office 19 pro plus with its activation key. It downloaded successfully but when I try and open it, it goes back to office 365 which is...
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    Installation of MySql on my mac book pro with OS High Sierra

    Hi, I want to install MySql in my mac book but getting different types of error, sometimes it need password,Permission denied, sometime "ERROR! The server quit without updating PID file" while starting mysql , I can see MySql icon in System preference but when I click on that then It shows...
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    Dell inspirion 5558 Windows cannot complete installation

    At first I attempted to perform a clean boot to fix the sudden blue screen error which would reboot after count up to 100%. Apparently I have screwed something up because after that I could not sign in so I decided to recover to factory state. Now when I reboot I first get Dell SupportAssist...
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    Solved installing usb driver for printer

    My Hp 2130 series printer is installed but i i connect it to usb with computer window 7 32 bit is show a message that usb.inf is missing. Repair it and retry. Because of which i cannot print my document what to do know how ro solve this problem any answer plz