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    Java installer doesn't launch on Windows 10

    My cousin wants to play Minecraft (ever heard of that game?), but I can't launch the installer. It asks for the administrators perms, but then dissapears. Please help!
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    Numerous issues - registry, installer and Visual C++ ?

    Hello all Just joined and posting from work computer so can provide SysInfo when I get home. Laptop however is an Acer Aspire V3-571, running Windows 10 (originally 8 but I moved onto 10 at the beginning of the year.) I'm now having a catalogue of issues which I just can't get to the bottom...
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    Can't install Java!

    Hey guys, I am in urgent need of help. I was using an outdated version of Java and thought I should update, which I indeed tried to do. The installer was downloaded but could not be opened. I can see it running in task manager but it wouldn't physically open and be visible on my toolbar (showing...