1. H

    CPU installed but monitor won’t turn on now

    I’ve just installed a new cpu (Ryzen 5 3600) and my tower turns on and nothing seems wrong. However despite that, my monitors won’t turn on and say it has no signal to them?
  2. U

    Solved Trying to move modem upstairs.

    Hi, so the phone jack I currently have is a Cat6 and all I plug in is my modem and then I plug my landline into the modem. I need get my modem and phone upstairs though for a work from home thing and ended up buying a 4 pair drop wire? it has 'N692 Y9000 Series on it. It was the wire I got...
  3. MSpacc

    Solved Have a TB SSD, disk full after 1 game

    I have a new 15 inch HP Omen that comes with 2 drives, one of them is a terabyte solid state hard drive. I installed GTA V onto my laptop and a couple small games (civ 4 and minecraft) and it's telling me my disk space is full and I can't install anything else. My boyfriend has very similar...
  4. M

    Solved could not create key, when installing a program

    Hello, im new to this site, and this problem is the reasson why i signed up. Recently, ive been trying to install ableton live 9 (an app for creating music, beats, etc) I always end up on this error: ''Could not create key...