integrated graphics card

  1. ijasir

    BSOD, atikmdag.sys, AMD Radeon 530, nonpaged are fault

    After a sudden crash (BSoD) during gaming srttrail.txt error was shown and then I clean Installed Windows 10 using a windows media creation tool and then updated Lenovo recommended drivers(Lenovo ideapad 320). My intel 620 GPU is successfully installed and running while AMD is throwing...
  2. P

    Integrated display adaptor not detected

    My rig: Asus Z390 E Gaming I9 9900K (Intel 630 UHD) NVIDIA RTX 2070 age: 7 days I had connected my 4K gaming monitor to the RTX 2070 via DP for the first time. Everything was running well. GTA V Was running in 4K ultra settings with very high fps. Two days later I connected the DP to the...
  3. G

    Laptop and Monitor running on different GPU

    So my setup is I have a laptop connected to my monitor running extended, but my laptop display is running on the Integrated Intel graphics, not the 1050ti I have. The monitor is running on the 1050ti but is there any way I can make the 1050ti run on both and, or just on the laptop? I have tried...
  4. mogunz100

    What can i do to combat crappy graphics card.

    I have a lenovo idea pad 310 its got ssd, an i7 processor 12 gigs of ram(ddr4) and worst of all an intel 520 graphics card. I didnt know how bad it was until i tried it out of course. I will let you know now that it is an integrated graphics card like many. I really like this laptops. It is alot...
  5. S

    Solved Upgrading from Integrated GPU

    I want to upgrade my HP Pavilion p7-1003w Desktop's ATI Radeon 4200. I want to upgrade to an GTX 660 with a 550w power supply. I need to know if this will work out in the end. I know that I require another slot to place my new GPU, but it says nothing in particular here...
  6. Y

    can I connect 3 monitors to pci and integrated video card?

    hello, I've got a nvidia Ge force 210 and I wanted make it work along with the built in vga card, I saw in youtube (link at bottom)that changing the order in the BIOS start up video display you could use both but I did it and it didn't work, my computer specs are AMD Phenom (tm) x6 1055t...