intel 4000

  1. pafakink

    Dell inspiron 15-5547 i7, 8gb RAM - low fps. Solution?

    I have new Dell inspiron 15-5547 i7/8gb RAM/Intel HD graphics family/AMD radeon r7 m260. At any game there was lag it no metter what - low or extra options. I tried anything! don't say "try plug your charger" or "set to high performance". I think that my laptop is using only integrated video...
  2. N

    Can't Set Primary Graphics Card

    Windows 8.1 Pro 64 Bit Samsung 670Z5E Laptop More Details in DxDiag Report So.. I just bought a New monitor (BenQ XL2411z) and for some reason it detects the IGC (Intel 4000 HD) as my primary graphics card although I have an R9 270X. I have tried disabling and uninstalling Intel 4000 HD but...