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    Clock watchdog timeout

    hello I have built my new pc from different parts All compatible for sure and I checked it When I try to turn on it continuously turns off after 2-3 minutes..we’ll the timing changes The errror is clock watchdog timeout that I know what is all about(cpu) In YouTube it says to update drivers...
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    Compatible Processor?

    can I switch an intel i3 7th generation from my Dell Inspiron 3668 desktop to my HP Mini 5103? I don’t know socket types or anything like that.
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    Low Fps On AMD Graphics Card

    Okay so i have a potatoe pc lol but its suppose to still run games on low setting with an easy 30fps i mainly play dayz, NewZ, dark souls 1,2,3 and i get around 15-17fps most of the time with rare 20fps spikes for less than 3 seconds. My graphics card is an AMD Radeon 5450 HD 1Gb Graphics card...