intel hd graphics

  1. jamesrw90

    HDMI No Signal & No Intel HD Graphics detected

    Hi all, The second monitor can no longer connect by HDMI (and I can't see any Intel HD Graphics display adapter whereas I have the i5-7600K processor). The main monitor is connected via DisplayPort into the dedicated GPU and works fine... all the cables are working and I've restarted...
  2. N

    Buying a used laptop vs buying a new one

    Guys, maybe someone's got an idea, if I'm making the right decision here. I'm about to purchase a used, but refurbished Dell Latitude E6540 from 2014 for roundabout 700 Euros. For that kind of money I could easily afford a brand new budget laptop. Thing is, the Dell is quite a powerhouse, a...
  3. ChromScale

    Issue with Graphics Card Drivers

    In the device manager, my laptop does not recognize the intel graphics card or the AMD graphics card. Instead, there is only a "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter". My computer is not detecting either card and behaves as if they do not exist, so I cannot do things like play video games. Any help...
  4. H

    Intel HD Graphics 4000

    So basically I had Windows 8.1 and I used to play NBA 2k14 with a 4gb Ram. It worked perfectly well, got an average of 50-60 fps. I added an additional 4gb Ram and I did a system refresh and now my Intel HD Graphics interface has changed. Also now I am unable to play NBA 2k14, I get an average...
  5. E

    problem with VGAsave and hibernation

    Hi guys, I can't active hibernate key in my lenovo laptop supported by win7. the error is about VGAsave. I reinstalled graphic card several times but didn't get any answer. Details of my system is as bellow. In advance I thank you for your support Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version...
  6. E

    Intel Graphics HD Upgrade

    Hello, I do not own a gaming laptop but have recently acquired a game and wish to play it on my Toshiba C50-B. My only problem is that my laptop is running on what I have heard is the worst of Intel's HD integrated graphics chips. Driver version it has no model number and I think...